The Joey- Packer pouch

  • $20.00

 Introducing The Joey!

This is a packer pouch, designed to pin into any style of underwear or briefs for comfortable and affordable everyday use.

This is a product to be used in conjunction with the Mr Limpy or similar style packers for everyday use.

Manufacturer: Get Your Joey

Sizing Guide:

We have two sizes of Joey to accommodate multiple kinds of packers.  

To find the size that’s right for you, measure your packer from UNDERNEATH the shaft to the base (just measuring the sack).  

If the measurement is 2 inches or under, you’re best off with the Classic.  If it is over 2, you’re better off with the Ballsy.  

Model shows the Mr Limpy XS Fleshtone in The Classic Joey

How do I use the Joey?

It’s easy! 

  • Turn the pouch inside out.

  • Insert your packer so that it fits comfortably at the bottom and most of it hangs out of the hole

  • Turn it back out

  • Pin the Joey onto any briefs, boxers, swim suit, etc. with the solid panel facing your skin

  • The pin should be attached to the bottom edge of the waistband of your briefs.

For more information please watch this video.


Please Note: Your Joey fabric pattern may vary from one's shown.