About Us



We are an Australian supplier of Transgender/ Gender Diverse Goods. 

We are here to assist the lives of our fellow Transfolk. We provide you with clothing, underwear, accessories and encouragement to better your everyday life and style. 

Both our website and brand have been made with love and consideration for anyone struggling with dysphoria.

We aim to provide a relaxing and local ONE STOP SHOP.


The start of  

My name is Cory Wesley, and I'm a Transgender man from Western Australia.

When I started my transition in 2016, I struggled with the endless search for "what to buy?, and where to buy it?

Then continually faced with high shipping costs from overseas manufacturers.


"I want to create an Australian business that supplies the products we WANT from the suppliers we LOVE, as well as a range of clothing designed to better our everyday life and style!"

Thats when, BREAD AND BUTTER GOODS was born. With the idea of the website being set up as a clothing and accessories store to help minimise any online dysphoria.


We provide the products you WANT from the suppliers you LOVE, as well as a range of clothing designed to better your everyday life and style!



We hope we are achieving our goals! We will continue to review and alter aspects where necessary, add suppliers and listen to your feedback to better help you.


PLEASE! Help us, help you. Contact us with any concerns or ideas that could help us improve your everyday life.




Cory Wesley

He/ Him

Director/ Founder

Bread and Butter Goods